Eucalyptus & Elm Signet Ring – Anny Ching Chin

Another stunning entry in our Signeture collection, where each of our in-house jewellers have contributed their own unique signet ring design, ‘Eucalyptus + Elm is a striking set of rings designed by Anny.

Drawing fresh inspiration from natural forms, each ring has its own unique personality and playful tactility.

Anny said: ‘I wanted to create a mini collection of signet rings that perfectly combined traditional elements but put a modern spin on them. Conventionally signet rings are regular and symmetrical shapes – round, oval, square etc. but I wanted something more asymmetric and memorable. Using classical forms of petals and leaves, gives these rings a contemporary look and charming personality. Usually signet rings are characterised with engravings of family crests. I wanted to use this idea but create something completely unique and new. I have designed an alphabet of letters to be hand engraved onto any of the signet rings, only available in this collection!’

This ring set is available in a stock size but can be made in a bespoke size with the option to add your own custom alphabetical engraving. Simply get in touch and Anny will be able to share a quote based on your preference.

Roughly Elm 12.5 x 25mm, finger size O1/2. Eucalyptus 6 x 20mm, finger size K1/2.


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Wishlist Item