Signeture Signet Ring – Clare Chandler

— S I G N E T U R E —

Named after our Signeture collection, where each of our in-house jewellers have contributed their own unique signet ring design, this collection is a true showstopper.

Designed by Clare, owner and head jeweller at Clifton Rocks, ‘Signeture’ is a versatile set of genderless and contemporary signet rings formed in Fairmined gold.

Clare said: I have been really excited to get making on this project with a set of unisex and contemporary signet rings. They have been in my mind for a while and I’m so glad to get them out of my head, onto the bench, and being worn! I wanted a collection that was still true to everything that is great about signet rings while adding a subtle, tactile feeling and modern luxury. The slight curved top adds a lovely ergonomic feeling when worn and the subtle bezel set stones creates a piece that has a sense of ancient treasure, like it’s been dug out of an old jewellery box.’

This design works perfectly as an alternative wedding band or self-love gift and can be customised with any stone or engraving.

Mini Lozenge – Size L, set with 1.5mm round diamond. Dimensions 3x15mm.

Chunky Lozenge – Size P, set with 3×1.5mm marquise 1.2mm round diamond. Dimensions 5.8x16mm.

Mini Marquise – Size I, set with 3x2mm pear diamond. Dimensions 4.5x15mm.

Chunky Marquise – Size Q, set with 3x2mm Pear, 1.3mm round, 1.7mm round diamond. Dimensions 9x20mm.

Currently available in stock sizes, please get in touch if you would like a bespoke sizing, stone or engraving and Clare can provide a quote for you.


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