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Jewellery Care

  • Keep jewellery in a jewellery box and out of direct sunlight. When in transit protect in a box or pouch.
  • Check butterflies are tight and that earrings are secure when changing clothing, and that all catches are securely fastened.
  • All jewellery benefits from being handled and worn with care and being kept clean.
  • Silver, Gold Plate and Silver with Semi Precious stones
  • Silver is marked 925, which is 92.5% fine silver and 7.5% other alloys. None of our jewellery contains nickel.
  • Silver can be cleaned with a silver polish cloth or silver dip. Always read the instructions carefully when using cleaning fluids as certain stones such as Lapis,
  • Turquoise, Opals and Pearls should not be immersed.
  • All Gemstones can be kept clean using washing up liquid and warm water and either a sponge or old toothbrush.
  • Be extra careful with Gold Plated Jewellery not to scuff, keep separate from other jewellery which may scratch it. Keep protected in a jewellery box.
  • Oils in skin and sulphur in some knitwear can tarnish jewellery, but this can be kept minimal by caring for it.
  • Take care not to knock your rings or bangles on hard surfaces such as door handles or glass tables, as the metal may dent and semi precious stones can crack or chip.
  • Do not wear your jewellery whilst in bed, showering, swimming, at the gym or rock climbing!
  • Some of our fashion pieces are sterling silver with a gold plated finish. This process is achieved by microns of gold being fused to the surface of the silver. Gold plating is a surface finish so it can be susceptible to wear, but if looked after correctly signs of wearing should only occur over a long period of time. Avoid wearing gold plated jewellery when swimming or bathing, and remove rings before applying hand cream as the acids in moisturisers can affect the longevity of the plating. Perfumes can also affect gold plated necklaces, so allow your perfume to dry before putting on gold plated jewellery. Don’t wear gold plated jewellery next to other jewellery as scratching and removal of the plating will occur quicker.
  • In time gold plated jewellery will fade but can be re-plated at a small cost.
  • Hair sprays and perfumes should be sprayed on skin or hair before putting on jewellery.
  • Chains can be delicate – please take care not to catch them or let children tug at them.
  • Check earring butterflies are tight so as not to lose earrings and ensure catches are done up securely; listen for ‘click’ with click post earrings.
  • Gold with Gemstones and Fresh Water Pearls
  • 18 carat yellow gold is marked 750 which is 75% fine gold and 25% silver, copper and zinc. 18carat white gold is the same but with palladium and silver making up the 25%.
  • 18 carat red or pink gold contains 75% fine gold but has a little more copper in the rest of the alloy.
  • 22 carat yellow gold is marked 916. It contains 91.67% fine gold, the rest of the alloy is made up of silver, copper and zinc.
  • 9 carat yellow gold is marked 375 which is 37.5% fine gold and the rest made up of silver, copper and zinc
  • 18 carat white gold can be coated with rhodium (platinum family) . This will wear off over time but can be re-plated at a small cost
  • Platinum is marked 950, it consists of 95% fine platinum and 5% other alloys.
  • A Silver/ Gold Polish Cloth may be used to buff up the Gold.
  • Most gemstones can be kept sparkling by washing in warm soapy water, rinse and pat dry.
  • Gemstone Rings – use an old toothbrush and warm soapy water to gently clean behind setting.
  • Avoid knocking rings on hard surfaces; take off when using potentially damaging equipment.
  • Check that catches are secure.
  • Pearls should be cleaned using a clean duster or a pearl cleaning set available from specialist stores. Chain linked pearls can be immersed in warm water and sponged, but strung pearls should not be immersed at all.
  • Brushed finishes on rings are not permanent, as all Gold and Platinum will burnish with wear and the ring will gradually appear more and more polished. The brushing may last between 4 months to a year depending on the wearer. We can re-brush at our workshops.
  • Take care not to knock or scuff your rings and take them off when using potentially damaging equipment.
  • Diamonds and Sapphires are both very refractive gemstones and do not cloud or turn lacklustre quickly with wear but really do benefit from being kept clean.
  • Use a soft toothbrush and soapy water to gently clean stones, remembering to clean the back of the gemstone too. A knock onto a hard surface can chip or even shatter a stone – although Diamonds and Sapphires have a hardness of 10 & 9 on the Mohs scale they are not infallible.
  • Aquamarine, Tourmaline, Spinel, Zircon and other coloured gemstones such as amethyst, garnet, peridot or topaz should always be worn with care and should be kept clean in the same way as Diamonds and Sapphires to retain their beauty.
  • Eternity Rings need extra care, especially if it is a full eternity ring. A knock onto a hard surface can chip, crack or even shatter a Diamond; they are the hardest stone known to man but are not infallible. Should any damage occur to your eternity ring through wear and tear, we will replace the first stone free of charge.
  • We advise you to have your ring checked every now and then, especially if you are worried about a loose setting. We are always happy to give your rings a quick check and clean if you visit our workshop.
  • Strung Pearls such as South Sea or fine Fresh Water Pearls should not be immersed or worn in water. Clean with a clean soft cloth or professional pearl cleaner.
  • Pearls love to be worn as moisture from the skin enhances the lustre. But -always apply perfumes and creams before putting on your pearl jewellery.
  • Some fine gold chain is very delicate, so please take care not to tug or catch the chain and check catches are securely fastened.

Please remember – precious and semi precious jewellery is not indestructible! If looked after correctly and with appropriate care it should give you many years of joy. If you ever have any questions about the care of your jewellery – please ask.


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